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CCS Web Domains and Hosting email not only gives you a personalized address but powerful protection against viruses and spam, easy-to-use tools like Calendar and Online File Folder® and much more.


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For individuals that want a personalized, secure address they can count on.


A great choice for groups that want separate addresses with the same domain name.


Ideal for businesses that don't want to worry about running out space.

Free Calendar
Free Online File Folder
Free Webmail, including PDA/handheld & light versions
Mobile access, including iPhone® and Blackberry®
Secure 256-bit encryption
Text-mail service
Strong virus, spam and fraud protection
Desktop Notifier
Our world-class data center
Catch-All Email Address
Fraud, Virus
& Spam Protection
Sender ID
Email privacy and protection
with 256-Bit Encryption
Included in plan
  • 1 Address
  • 1 GB Storage
  • Mobile Access for smartphones, iPhone®, Blackberry® and Droid®
  • 5 Addresses
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Mobile Access for smartphones, iPhone®, Blackberry® and Droid®
  • 10 Addresses
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Mobile Access for smartphones, iPhone®, Blackberry® and Droid®
ALL PRICES $1.09/Per Month
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$2.17/Per Month
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$3.25/Per Month
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Hosted Exchange ->

Plan Details


Excellent for individuals who are tired of duplicate emails and want to synch their phones, webmail, and outlook accounts.


Business level email solution without the upfront costs. Exchange Server email solution offers synch, remote access, and collaboration.

FREE Microsoft Outlook® or Microsoft Entourage® for Mac
All Plans run on Microsoft Exchange Server®
FREE setup
FREE Exchange server upgrades, security patches, and virus and spam protection
Support for mobile ActiveSync® devices
Fast, reliable connections with 99.9% uptime
Anytime, anywhere access to your email, tasks and calendars
Extensive contacts and distribution lists
Optimized server, network and infrastructure security features
Full DNS management
Enjoy anywhere access to your email, contacts and calendars. -
Easily share it all and schedule meetings with your colleagues.
Get Microsoft Outlook® or Entourage® FREE for every user.
Secure your email with free virus and spam protection.
Included in plan
  • Includes 1 Mailbox
  • 2 GB Storage
  • ActiveSync® for Mobile Devices
  • Includes 3 Mailboxs
  • 4 GB Storage
  • ActiveSync® for Mobile Devices
  • 1GB Sharepoint Intranet Portal
ALL PRICES $9.09/Per Month
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$38.99/Per Month
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With CCS Email services, you can stay in touch with friends, family, and co-workers effortlessly. Access your email anywhere, anytime and quickly find email by searching by date, name, or selected keywords. Our mobile version is engineered for faster downloads and access from your mobile phone.

You can organize messages by dragging and dropping into folders and manage RSS feeds and blogs with ease. Seamlessly integrates with CCS Web Domains and Hosting Calendar, Online File Folder® and Fax thru Email to create the perfect small business solution.

Rest assured! Our service has 99.999% availability, with daily backups, and redundancy. Our spam filtering and fraud protection, along with junk mail filters help keep your inbox virus and spam free. And with live 24/7 support, we will always be there to help with any email situation you encounter.

Hosted Exchange improves your productivity with powerful email, calendar and online collaboration tools including a SharePoint® intranet portal (Group plan).

• Enjoy anywhere access to your email,  contacts and calendars.
• Easily share it all and schedule meetings  with your colleagues.
• Get Microsoft Outlook® or Entourage®   FREE for every user.
• Secure your email with free virus and  spam protection.
• Free expert Microsoft Exchange®   support for set up, maintenance and  troubleshooting.


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